Personal Training

Initial Evaluation:

Whether a client opts for individual or small group training, he or she will receive a forty minute initial evaluation. This evaluation will help trainer and client establish clear fitness goals for future programming that may have focuses of weight loss, increase in lean muscle mass, or corrective exercise. The initial evaluation will also involve a postural assessment in which the trainer evaluates client’s kinetic chain movement. Client will also be asked to answer questionnaire about previous fitness experience. 

Individual Training:

Individual training provides the client with one-on-one 30 or 60 minute training sessions. These sessions will be oriented around the trainer’s progressive program designed specifically for each client’s unique fitness goals and based on the results of the initial postural assessment. Exercises will involve a variety of movements and equipment that demonstrate an integrative approach. The client will also receive an exercise program to complete on days he or she does not meet with the trainer. 

Small Group Training:

Small group training consists of a 60 minute group training session for two to three clients. These clients will enjoy camaraderie as they work hard to accomplish progressive partner workouts based on the group’s fitness goals and results from the initial postural assessment. Clients may form a small group on their own or a group may be formed by the trainer depending on demand. 

Special Events:

One of the greatest honors in life is to join others for their celebratory occasions. Emmanuel Moves offers Special Event group training for larger groups gathered for birthday parties, bachelorette parities, family reunions, corporate trainings, etc. This type of shared group experience inspires a positive dynamic that works to unify all who participate. 


Nutrition COunseling

Strategic Diet Plans: 

Nutrition is an essential component of each individual’s fitness journey. Emmanuel Moves offers clients a strategic, healthy, and well-balanced diet tailored to the client’s fitness program and goals. The trainer and client will work together to develop a monthly action plan that will set manageable goals for planning, purchasing, cooking, and eating foods that fit within the client’s macronutrient range. The trainer will provide weekly accountability and recommendations on how to modify eating to support a client when he or she is in the midst of a more demanding week.