As an individual who enjoys the safety of tradition, a rigid and reliable box, I've found it emotionally and mentally challenging to begin a journey as an entrepreneur. However, with Boston's snow melted and a surprisingly balmy day of 85 degrees I am reminded that possibility lingers around every corner. I pursued personal training because of its possibilities. It is not an experience for one specific type of person of one specific background. Personal training is a unifying activity that grounds us in our physicality and beckons us to be more and see more of who we are. 

Today as I pounded the treadmill at my gym (somewhat begrudgingly) I glanced around and admired the diverse array of ages and ethnicities performing physical labor to be better, stronger, and to continue on. Training the body takes discipline, yes, we know this. It also takes a persistence to defy our mental states of anxiety, frustration, and even hopelessness. We pursue possibility because it is better than remaining stagnant in our fears. Today, even in the face of some frustrations (with the perspective of current world events..very small problems)  I pursue this possibility that all will be well.