The Emmanuel Moves Story 


Emmanuel Moves is the manifestation of a lifelong dream. Its creation gives testimony to one of my strongest beliefs - each individual possesses the power to achieve that which she desires. We are designed to persevere through hardship, pursue joy, and empower others to live abundantly. To me, physical training is a priority because it can restore our sense of worth, dignity, and power. Our participation in fitness compels us to believe that we are capable of going further than we first imagined. 


At age ten I began to discover the joy of physical activity by participating in my city’s annual race for youth. I trained summer to spring in preparation for this race. As I trained I relished the opportunity to move my body at faster paces for longer distances. I realized then that fitness was an empowering experience; it provided the space for me to grow and mature away from societal demands. 

In junior high I began to strength train. After grueling tryouts for the girls basketball team and the inevitable announcement that I had been cut, I was in dire need of activity that would ease my disappointment and help to regain confidence. Trainer Sabrina introduced me to our school’s weight room. She gathered a small group of other dejected girls and taught us bicep curls, squats, rows, and pull-ups. Each day that we met she celebrated our strides, praised our growing muscles, and reminded us that we could be just as strong as our male classmates, if not stronger! 

At Boston College, although I majored in education and english, I found ways to incorporate fitness into my life. I worked at an elementary school for physically and mentally handicapped students and aided them in their physical therapy routines. We worked to increase muscle mass, mobility, and kinetic chain movement for each student. 

After five years of teaching in a variety of school settings, I found myself continuing to daydream about beginning my own training business. Although I loved working with my students, I couldn’t help but think about how their poor nutrition and lack of exercise was infringing upon their ability to perform. After returning to school and receiving my personal trainer certification, I decided to leave teaching and invest in my lifelong passion.

Client-Trainer Relationship

I am grateful for my background in education because it provides me with the ability to carefully observe and respond to each of my client’s unique needs. I am comfortable working with individuals from all fitness backgrounds. I have trained people who have never lifted a weight before and those who have been active their entire lives. I believe the client-trainer relationship is one of partnership. I cannot do all of the work for you, but I will certainly do all that I can to help you accomplish your goals. 


  • Goal Strategizing 
  • Functional Movement Analysis 
  • Nutrition Counseling 
  • Strength Training
  • Balance Training 
  • Flexibility Training 


  • B.A. in Secondary Education and English, Boston College Lynch School of Education 
  • NASM-CPT Certification, National Academy of Sports Medicine 
  • Pre/Post Natal CEU, National Academy of Sports Medicine 
  • First Aid & CPR/AED Certification, American Heart Association